Global Network

Cloudhub operates on a low latency, 50 Gbit worldwide network.

London, UK

Official SharedHosting Datacenter
Advanced Load Balancing + Advanced DDoS Protection, Exchange Peers

Speedtest UK-GB-1
Speedtest UK-GB-2

Frankfurt, DE

Backup Datacenter AWS
25Gbs per server / cloud-ssd-storage-service, Advanced DDoS Protection, Exchange Peers

Speedtest CH-FRA-1
Speedtest CH-FRA-2
Speedtest CH-FRA-3

Warsaw, PL

Official VM-Hosting Datacenter
Dedicated VM Nodes, Exchange Peers

Speedtest PL-WAW-1
Speedtest PL-WAW-2

Instant Worldwide Deployment

Depending on the product you have the choice of up to 10 worldwide locations to deploy your services. Our low latency network has a dedicated primary 100 Gbit capacity and the ability to burst up to 800 Gbit through our peering partners.

Localized Peering

Our network engineers are continuously optimizing the routing to ensure low latency and high bandwidth throughput across all datacenter locations. Customers additionally have the option to request custom routing.